Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Vision Statement

St Andrew's CE Primary School strives to nurture and promote the importance of resilience, independence and communication as fundamental values linked to Wellbeing which prepare children for life in the wider world.

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” (World Health Organisation)

Positive emotional wellbeing includes the ability for children and young people to:

  • Feel confident in themselves
  • Be able to express a range of emotions appropriately
  • Be able to make and maintain positive relationships with others
  • Cope with the stresses of everyday life and be able to deal with change
  • Learn and achieve

St Andrew's recognises that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing, as well as their learning and social and emotional achievement.

The role of the school is to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress, supported in reaching their potential and to access help when they might need it. School also has a role in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues across the whole school community.  The aim is to help develop the protective factors which build resilience and to be a school where we:

  • Develop an ethos and environment that supports learning and promotes the wellbeing of all
  • Promote resilience in pupils
  • Ensure pupils feel safe and supported
  • Develop a sense of belonging, encouraging participation of all within the school community
  • Encourage pupil relationships and give pupils the opportunity to talk about concerns with those that they trust

St Andrew's has links and support from Bolton NHS Mental Health Support Team. Please click in the document link below for more information or email pastoral@standrewsoh.bolton.sch.uk  for further information and support.


Meet the team

As a school we have a staff who are striving to provide the best mental health and wellbeing support to all members of our school community.

Mr Charnock and Mr Shawcross - Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mr Charnock, Mr Shawcross, Mrs Bainbridge – Mental Health First Aid Leaders (adult and pupil)

We are all here for you and can offer help and support if needed.


Helpful links for further information and support:


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